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Member Rating: 9.44 Allie James - Date Added: Friday, 01/20/2012
The Black Power Movement shows no signs of slowing down. The crew has assembled in order to air their grievances towards the "Man". On the other side of the city is Allie James and she's about to take their minds off their struggles. Allie comes to the Interracial Blowbang with the hopes that tossing herself to the wolves will improve race relations. Allie goes down the lione and teases each black guy before things get turned up a notch. One by one, each pair of slacks drop to the floor and Allie James is welcomes to the group with a buffet of black cock. Allie sucks on each one with intensity that's normally reserved for porn stars that have a few years under their belt. Allie's mouth and lungs take in over 8 feet of black cock before she's bent over and completely and utterly slammed from behind. The black guys call it" pulling a train". We call it an interracial gangbang that's going to make her uterus useless to the next white guy that might try fucking her. 16 sets of black balls fuck allie's tiny fuckhole as her screams are muffled by any given black cock. The party ends when Allie's face is drenched by 8 blasts of black gunk. The jizz, which is no shock, runs down her face and onto those amazing tits. Allie's done her good deed for humanity and her blowjob skills are still being talked about by the angry mob of black guys.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member bigta**** Said:
She is a fuckin hot lady. You guys get them then they are gone. 1 or 2 flicks is not enough.

Member pussg**** Said:
she was made for penetratuon in every possible way. Awesome chick - I think she's my new favourite and finally replaces Alex Devine who was also a hugely brave slut.

Member lovew**** Said:
I think she is my favorite girl on here. So young and so good looking. Hot and seems to enjoy it.

Member Teeny**** Said:
Allie James is the best.fair-skinned with blue eyes, perfect for IBB. This girl is complete with her mouth around a BBC

Member mstrp**** Said:
Allie James is amazing,so fuckin cute! Bring her back for back for a BoB gang bang where the brothers use all three of the slut's holes.

Member white**** Said:
beautiful, love the blue eyes

Member bobgi**** Said:
Love Allie James, get her back. Would have liked to see her whole face covered. Also, lose the pig-tails.

Member kingd**** Said:
this is the type of white bitch every black man should have. She was made to please the black dick!

Member benny**** Said:
more phone!!!!!!!!!

Member boudi**** Said:
I Too agree with (green) another let down scene with Allie James! i have said it before get her on watching my daughter go black with shane, mandingo, and jack, & GET THEM TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER REALY REALY HARD!!!!!!!!

Member green**** Said:
Yet another let down. Why can't we have the girls get their faces covered like they used too? Just go back and look at the earlier girls their faces did not have a dry spot on them, now we have to settle for some slut with mabey a messy chin mabey some on the nose if we are lucky. this is BUKKAKE people!

Member beerb**** Said:
They take turns fucking her, and she smiles thru the pasting. What a girl!

Member q2345**** Said:
Allie James is super perfect in this!!!! Beautiful sexy shoes for a sex vid! Too bad she took them off. She looks incredible in them. If she would have left her shoes on, she would have gotten some sperm on them. She should have her own IB website!! Too bad 8 bros couldn't have gotten a lot more sperm on her perfect beautiful face.

Member IronM**** Said:
I LOVE Allie James!!!

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