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Member Rating: 9.32 Bobbi Starr - Date Added: Thursday, 04/23/2009
Look for Bobbi Starr in the new Blockbuster Hollywood film "Drive". Her thong is riding up her ass. Her pussy? Smells like fresh biscuits and gravy. That mouth? It was simply off the hook!. The black man has once again made a valiant attempt to even the score with "The Man." How exactly do we do it? Well, we find the finest white bitches and send them back home looking like a walking black jizz fountain. You'd think it's hard finding white girls wanting to be the meat in our Interracial Blowbang Sandwich but it ain't. If you only knew the amount of white girls out there wanting to dip into the interracial pool then you'd be pissed off, huh white boy? Teh stigma of fucking with black guys is still alive and kicking so Bobbi Starr has volunteered herself for a black cock overload. She got to our filthy spot which is riddled with graffiti, trash, and cum stains on the floor from previous white submissive sluts. We handled this delicate flower the way a white girl loves it: rough and dirty with no mercy.

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Member beak5**** Said:
Got toopen those eyes! Would be a 10 if she gave us those pretty blues.

Member progo**** Said:
Bobbi is so nice and so hot

Member ohmes**** Said:
badass now thats porn abd they jizz a j on her forhead classic

Member fever**** Said:
Bobbi a true legend so dam gorgeous

Member fanch**** Said:
With that proud furry pussy, that unbelievable ass, beautiful face, and sexy hair, Bobbi starr is the best!

Member lilhr**** Said:
that girl can suck some cock

Member y7890**** Said:
All the girls should wear beautiful high heels like Bobbi Starr and Nina Hartley.

Member travi**** Said:
I love Bobbi. But what's with the mullett looking hairdo's I've been seeing on the girls lately? All I can think of when I see it is, Joe Dirt. Not exactly a sexy image. It's hideous. PLEASE stop.

Member vel88**** Said:
Bobbi Starr, what a sweetheart, she makes the viewer want to join the scene with her sexual energy. Many men would love to have a woman with that kind of passion for sex. I am writing this review without first looking at bobbi's performance, because I know she will not disapoint when she sucks, fucks, and blows her partners. "What A Girl" Bring her back anytime !!! Oh Yea, Love her "beautiful sexy eyes"

Member gcomi**** Said:
Bobbi is very pretty. More pics of her sly come-on smile would be nice. And some pics of her wet face with her eyes open. And some cpie pics.

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