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Member Rating: 9.49 Kagney Linn Karter - Date Added: Friday, 03/09/2012
The ultimate black cock slut has made her ways to the doors of the angriest black guys around. Kagney Linn Karter has perfect tits. That ass? Need we say more? That body was sculpted only, and we mean ONLY for big black cocks. Today's festivities sees Kagney as the center of attention and it's easy to see why. Kagney's intentions are to improve race relations while getting her mouth and pussy filled to the rim with multiple black cocks. Kagney Linn Karter goes down the lineup and teases each black thug until his pants nearly explode. However, the absence of white cock can only mean that no premature explosions take place. Kagney gets her knees dirty as she goes down the line and easily meets her black cock quota for 2012. No black cock is avoided as Kagney sucks on each black monster put in her face. In fact, Kagney's mouth , at times, has double occupancy and her hands rub,tug and jerk any black cock in her immediate radius. Most white girls would have had their fill at this point. No. Not Kagney Linn Karter. The self-proclaimed "fuck bunny" backs up that moniker by bending over and getting railed by each huge black cock. We're sure Kagney would have been screaming her lungs out had a black cock not been in her mouth at the same time. one thing's for sure- Kagney Linn Karter's face became a target for black jizz and each one of those guys hit her like a black sniper.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member tweet**** Said:
Kagney is so fucking hot!! I can't wait to see more of her.

NULL Member tweet**** Said:
Nothing better to make a hot scene than a hot girl and Kagney is absolutely stunning!!

NULL Member MrDF1**** Said:
kagney is such a great bcs. she gets covered in black jizz in this scene. more of this stuff please df

NULL Member slave**** Said:
White women look so good sucking on big black dick. Kagney just looks fantastic!

NULL Member Cucko**** Said:
Very Nice Video... !!!

NULL Member mandy**** Said:
horny shit, make me wet, more lingerie

NULL Member bigta**** Said:
Could be the best blow bang ever. The lady sucked and the guys showered her face. I would love to see her eat a lot more. Have the guys blow into her mouth more. I still think this was your best.

NULL Member nicki**** Said:
This lovely hoe was on Louis Theroux in the Uk on 10th June. She says she will be in porn for next 7 years-good on her.

NULL Member Teeny**** Said:
Definitely one of the best IBB scenes. Kagney is sooo damn hot

NULL Member black**** Said:
kagney is the truth! man there's nothin like a good black cock suckin white whore. i outta know cuz i married one!

NULL Member Sissy**** Said:
I'd love to be her cuckuld and lick up all that jizz.

NULL Member nicki**** Said:
fucking white slut.......

NULL Member oostb**** Said:
My favourite scene at 24:55 till 25:19, Kagney gets her face cum plastered and still she talks and sucks them all after they cum. Makes me wish I was in this scene. A 10 straight!

NULL Member dana1**** Said:
Lizzie Tucker in one of these scenes would be awesome!!

NULL Member kagne**** Said:
Hello Kagney. I heard that she got picked on while in school by other girls for being beautiful. Perhaps it was because she was getting all the cock. Do You Think.

NULL Member capnj**** Said:
she's a good whore. next time leave her shoes on. it will make it easier to fuck her from behind while she is standing.

NULL Member pablo**** Said:
Love Kagney, how about a foursome with all her holes filled together...

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
More Kagney Lynn-PLEASE!!!

NULL Member kagne**** Said:
I am a Kagney Lynn Karter fan. I can watch her day and night. I especially love her with a little bush on her cunt and I think the gang did too. They all took turns rubbing her cunt as she went down the line. I loved her work towards the end of the line when she was sucking hard on one cock, jerking another, and tugging at the balls of the third cock. Kagney never fails to amaze. Thanks for being such a slut and cock hound.

NULL Member gawnd**** Said:
OMG is she fucking hot.

NULL Member dirty**** Said:
who let honky in her?1?

NULL Member lee00**** Said:
why are these scenes so damn short?

NULL Member zzq23**** Said:
Kagney is beautiful, but has on too much makeup. All she needs is some eye makeup and some lipstick. Liked her shoes, they should have been left on.

NULL Member mandy**** Said:
love the tights- horny

NULL Member ok4fe**** Said:
This girl is HOT! Would love to see her do the Glory Hole!

NULL Member Black**** Said:
This girl takes a facial like a champ.

NULL Member dhart**** Said:
Love it. There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous white woman pleasing a whole group of big black cocks.

NULL Member pleee**** Said:
What a delicious blonde slut!!!

NULL Member grumb**** Said:
One of the best scenes ever produced by Dogfart. Loved it!

NULL Member ender**** Said:
Hottest girl I've ever seen, no question

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
YES- Kagney Linn Karter, on her knees and bent over the trash can. She's such a slut, thank you Kagney!

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