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Member Rating: 9.13 Tori Lux - Date Added: Friday, 11/19/2010
The white man denied us the promised 40 acres and a mule. Hundreds of years of disrespect and humiliation brings us to this afternoon's meeting. The line of white girls wanting to right the wrongs can be seen from the rooftops of Compton, CA. Tori Lux came to our weekly meeting because she seems to be one of the few white devils with a heart of gold. However, it wouldn't be her heart we were after. She wore an outfit that wouldn't be permitted in the local Baptist Church but that only made the pack of brotha's that much happier. She was covered with tattoos from her neck to the great ass she carried around. After a brief sermon we took turns stuffing multiple black dicks down her throat. She went down the line of pissed of ebony rhinos while doing what she did best: suck huge black cocks. The makeup on her face eventually formed into a pool right underneath her and we all lined up to hose her face down with every drop of black glue we could offer.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member chuff**** Said:
Hey eemar you couldnt be more wrong...this girl is beautiful, treating her like that would be such a waste....

Member eemar**** Said:
Agree on them being rougher. It's a gang fuck - this bitch needs to be used like a whore. Choke her, spit in her mouth, gag her and make her puke. Then shut her up with another fat cock in her mouth.

Member aveze**** Said:
fuckk tha pussii

Member desro**** Said:
Very hot girl. Love the tattoos.

Member Renee**** Said:
Yeah ditch the suits...

Member thisb**** Said:
need to be very rough with these white bitches, make them gag and puke

Member nutit**** Said:
4 in a row get fucked and then we get this one. She did DP in BOB so she don't mind. You only have to book her for it.

Member HuffC**** Said:
hey komba i couldnt AGREE more, totally wanna see some creepy thugs!

Member josh2**** Said:
they could have done better to her face, wasnt that much cum on it

Member komba**** Said:
bros need to ditch the suits and go for the creepy thug look. Should be a pants down lineup like cumbang when the girl walks into the room.

Member cuckm**** Said:
I would love to be a cuck in this video

Member rrrdo**** Said:
amazing girl, she deserves only 10 inches and up Everytime . . .

Member josh2**** Said:
whats up with the veins showing thru her skin lol

Member vinny**** Said:
more of her please!

Member ok4fe**** Said:
This chick is smokin hot! The only stockings she needs is my Christmas one!

Member rrrdo**** Said:
Great lux! Get rid of the little limps dicks, fat guys, and less talkn in beginning! Would like to see rico, ice, skeeter in An allstarr lineup.

Member Sebag**** Said:
@feyen: i bet you send back a ferrari if its missing cupholders, amirite

Member feyen**** Said:
nice girl but i prefer with stockings on...

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