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In college I read up on the history of the oppression the black man has faced. I wrote a paper on how I'd level the playing field. However, I didn't write about how I'd wear barely a stitch of clothing or how I'd have my firm ass covered by dental floss. As I paraded myself around the mean streets of L.A I was imagining all the dirty things I could do with some black meat in my stable. I knew my body would never be the same since my tight little pussy has only been used for tiny white dicks. It would be like using a jackhammer to open up a walnut but I was looking forward to the mayhem I knew I had coming. I took a little time getting acquainted with those strong, sexy black guys. I wanted to get in their heads as I was about to rock their oppressed world. It's a good thing I have strong legs because I was able to keep a squating balance as my face was constantly housing big black dicks. My face was slapped with black cock and no set of firm black balls were off limits. The juices flowing from my pussy told me that I had to take in over 3 yards of black dick until I couldn't take it anymore. I like to think I'm the best at draining black dick but you tell me.

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This is my ultimate fantasy, I dream about all those black cocks domianting me, and making me their white slut.

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You gotta admire Trina is there any sorta sex she wont do she a dirty filthy slag but i love all her work top porn whore 2012

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Get her in one more BOB-scene or a CS-scene. Would love to hear her say how much better black dicks are than white ones.

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Nice arse & tits. She is lush, i have wanked many a time to her interracial videos.

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Please get Trina back on BoB!!

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This scene was fantastic! All the girls have to be fucked hard by the whole gang and they have to clean the black cocks after spraying their sperm!

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Yo Te Quiero Trina, Lily and Ozzy say HI, I love what you do, Would You Marry Me!

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Trina is beautiful, sexy and curvaceous! Get her into more interracial videos!

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Very hot and intense: Sucking and hot fucking! Almost 10 scale scene. Only thing missing is cum eating and sucking dick after eatong cum

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