Katrina Jade from InterracialBlowbang.com

Starring: Katrina Jade, Tone Capone, Tony Eveready, Rico Strong, Chris Cock, Jack Blaque, Slim Poke, Donny Sins, Ricky Johnson

Tags:  Big Tits, Brunette, Facial, Swallow, Tattoos, Shaved, Big Booty, BlowBang, Bukakke 

Movie description:

Rico Strong runs a "chop shop". He'll take a freshly stolen car, change up VIN numbers, create a fake "pink slip", and insurance papers, turning a hot piece of property into something legit. Katrina Jade is a car thief, and she knows of Rico's business. Katrina just ripped off a late-model Camaro, and she knows -- once it's got a new VIN, pink sheet and plates -- that she's gonna make a good score. What she doesn't know is Rico's services aren't free. And she doesn't have the cash to make her car legit. Rico puts it bluntly: "go upstairs and pay the man before I can help you!" Katrina's next problem? There's eight of "the man", and they all want to use her mouth any way they choose. Katrina's never sucked off so many black bulls before, but she'll make it happen...and swallow all eight loads before cashing in on the goods.

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Katrina Jade

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    she is so beautiful and perfect. Those tattoos are making her look even more sexier. I feel she should have got the pleasure of 3-4 cocks in her pussy and ass.

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    I loved the way they degraded and humiliated that hot, big-titted bitch!

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    bring her back for an GANGBANG with a HUGE FACIAL BUKKAKE!!!

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    It would be beautiful to see Alisha Adams with 5 white guys in an "Interracial Blowbang.com" Gang Bang and please let her keep their high heels on.

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    No FACIAL !!! That sucks!!! :(

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    Bring her for an actual gangbang.

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    Superb scene. Hot, nasty girl. Also... that is a fantastic location. Much better than the lame-ass graffiti concrete bunker.

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    Awesome chick. Make a scene with twice as many guys and let them all come at least twice each, she deserves it big time!!! You make great porn!

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    You should get Slim Poke in some solo scenes or pair hime up with Mo Johnson vs two big tit milfs.

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    this scene would better with sex

  • Member Avatar


    I live this scene I like to see Black Guys shoot their loads down white girls throats.This scene is spectacular in my eyes .Great Job Lets see more of this

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    Guys, watch the behind the scenes for this one. THEY FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER. Honestly, should have been the scene.

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    creampies real fucking not this rubish!

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    I agree with groov(partially) I strongly prefer to see the girls face get plastered. But damn this girl is hot

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    OK, fine Paulm. But dude, let's do boring swallow scenes with some o these average broads on here. Such a beautiful and rare occasion like this, when angry clouds of blackness descend on such an amazing slut, shouldn't be wasted on drippy, uninspiring duds -- these dudes already have THE most amazing job, they should b required to build up respectable loads by guzzling water & blue-ball-half-wacking for a week -- show some accountability, dudes! This gorgeous bitch should be so slimed, humiliated, disgraced and spewed on w so much disgusting man-relief, that her naked body just glides rite across the floor & out the room at the end! It should take her DAYS to wash off the memory, stench and shame of oceans of grunting uncontrollable man-waste she was forced to endure! YES!! DORON THE ALMIGHTY MINION, ARE YOU HEARING ME? Bring her back, goddammit! Let's do this again, the right way! ...read more

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    Yo groove chill the fuck out man! The swallow scenes, especially on a blowbang are rare and fantastic! In my opinion, this site could use a lot more of them. Great work with this scene guys! Keep more of the swallowing scenes coming...please!!! ...read more

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    this nasty little slut needs to be fucked. hard, real hard, punishing hard. its about time for some hard ass fucking.

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    tony everyready tony capone slim poke jack blaque donny sins rico strong chris cock, wheres rick johnsons load?

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    WTF, guys?!?!?! Are you SERIOUS??? I been waiting for weeks for this scene, just so they could all drip-dud IN HER MOUTH??? As bad as this bitch is, and NOBODY wanted to plaster her beautiful, goddess-quality face?!? Dude, I am SO disappointed rite now. This scene is a travesty against God & mankind. Now, to be fair, I'm not gonna rate this one, cuz u guys have done some EXCELLENT classics w this flawless bitch (miraculous creampie by Isaiah w her husband , etc), but will you PLEASE bring her back and plaster her face w gallons of negro seed, like the old Blow Bangs, the way it was meant to be. PLEEEEASE?? I'm not even gonna jack off. I'm just gonna cry and go to sleep -- fuck it. ...read more


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